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Fine Art Prints

Turning stones into art treasures is the passion of local artist Laura Glusha, an award-winning, published artist who sees these gems as her canvas.

Since each of the stones are original works of art, we found that some people were disappointed to find certain pieces were no longer available. This led us to make the decision to offer Fine Art Reproductions of those pieces. The idea was so well received that we decided to extend that to any of the pieces that would lend themselves to the process.

Each Fine Art Reproduction is individually inspected to insure quality and then hand signed by Laura.

Hand Signed
Fine Art Print

$30.00 each

Reproductions 11 x 14 Matted - Unframed
(Print Size is approx. 8 x 10)

Single Matted in Black

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Protector of the Rain Forests

Protector of the Desert
Protector of the Gentle
Protector of the Oceans
BA3805 Duck
Protector of the Arctic
Protector of the Gentle
BR3000 Golden Eagle
BR3001 Harpy Eagle
RI4200 Gray Iguana
RI4201 Desert Iguana
RF4404 Spadefoot Frog
DH6404 Mother and Foal
DH6402 Gentle Soul
RF4401 Poison Arrow Frog
DH6401 Proud Spirit
MYW9601 Wizard with Dragon
UN8003 Fairy riding Unicorn
DH6405 Playful Energy
DH6406 In Tune With Nature
MYD6402 Chinese Dragon Head
MYD6400 Dragon with Castle
MYD6401 Dragon with Fairies
MYM7500 Mermaid with Child
MYP8700 Pegasus with Colt
MYM7501 Mermaid with Bird
MYM7502 Mermaid with Dolphin
MYP8701 Pegasus with Fairies
SC5000 Ring Seal Pup
C408 Dolphin
D409 Manitee
SC5003 SeaLions
SC5009 Sea Otter
WB1602 Polar Bear Cubs
SC5004 Walrus & baby
SC5001 Beaver
WA4500 Camel
WC1202 Lioness and Cub
WB1601 Polar Bear with Baby
SC5010 Harbor Seal Pup
WH1003 Mountain Goat
WH1001 Zebra Baby
WC1200 Canadian Lynx Cub
W Orangutan Face Closeup
WH1002 Giraffe Eating
Portrait Style
BR3003 Great Horned Owl
BA3801 Macaroni Penguin
BA3802 Albatross Family
Bald Eagle Profile
Freedom Endangered Bald Eagle
RF4400 Tree Frog
BA3800 Flamingo & Baby
RF4403 Asian Horned Frog
RF4402 New Guinea Tree Frog
DH6407 Born to be Free
DH6403 Battling Stallions
UN8001 Free Spirit
DH6400 Portrait of Contemplation
UN8002 Single Unicorn
DC1000 Tom Cat
DD030 Collie Mix
DC1101 Kitten
DD032 Mixed Breed
DD036 Spaniel Mix
DD010 Sheepdog
DD035 Poodle
MYF5100 Pixie with Flowers
BA3803 Adele Penguin
SC5002 Sea Lions
SC5008 Seal Pup
MYW9600 Wizard with Dragon and Castle
WC1204 Lion Head
WC1203 Snow Leopard
D522 Giraffe Eyes
WB1600 Grizzly Bears
WK2001 Koala and albino baby
WP Baby Gorilla
WC1201 Mountain Lion Picture Jasper
WR1800 Prairie Dog
WH1000 Zebra with Baby
WK2000 Koala and baby
WP Orangutan Chewing Grass